Did you know you could prep a Quilt with your ScanNCut?

Ashley Morrisson AKA Applelover53 shows us all how with the fantastic Fabric mat, your SDX ScanNCut and the Fabric blade you can Make cutting and designing for a Quilt a pleasure! 

Over to you Ashley; 

1/2 Square Triangle Patchwork Cushion

 To make this Quilt cushion cover I have used 4 different pattern fabrics and white as the accent.

You will need;
  • 2 x 12x12” pieces of fabric for each of the 4 patterns (ironed for best results)
  • 6 x 12x12” white fabric (ironed for best results)
  • 1 x piece of wadding/batting 19x19”
  • 1 x 21x21” piece of fabric to quilt the patchwork top on to
  • 1 x piece of backing fabric 20x20”
  • Zip at least 18”
  • Fabric mat
  • Fabric auto blade

fabric mat
quilt 2
quilt 3

Basic Shapes Pattern Number BA-A037 (SDX2200D)

Choose pattern number BA-A037

Size to 2.5” add 1/4” seam allowance within the settings of your machine

Choose 12 total

Arrange on your screen mat using the auto arrange function, from within the edit>object edit icons

Load the mat with your first piece of fabric right side down

Load the pen holder and air erasable pen

From within the setting set your machine to draw

Once done do not unload the mat, take the pen holder out of the machine and load the fabric auto blade

Tell the machine to cut

Cut a further 6 shapes from the second piece of pattern fabric of the same colour, repeating the drawing and cutting steps

Repeat for all 4 colours

You should have a total of 64 - 1/2 square triangles

Cut the white fabric the same way in batches of 12 you need 64 in total.


You should now have 64 white 1/2 square triangles and 64 patterned ones made up up of 4 different fabrics

Sew 1 white triangle to each of the pattern ones with right sides together along the bottom (you are making squares)

Follow the ScanNcut drawn line for accurate sewing

They should look like the top photo

Iron each piece open and lay them out in your desired pattern.

I laid mine out in rows of 8 (shown in the second photo as a row of 4) which I doubled

I sewed 4 at a time.



Once you have your blocks of 4

Lay them out again right side up in the order you previously arranged them (this helps to keep your pattern in order)

You should have 4 x 5inch blocks per row

Sew your rows together

The finished size should be 20x20”


Lay a piece of fabric 21x21” right side down

Place the 19x19” wadding/batting on top centrally (I use batting 1” smaller so that the seams are not bulky when sewing the quilted sandwich to the backing fabric later)

Lay the 20x20” patchwork piece on top right side up

Pin through all three layers and quilt as you like.

I sewed straight lines vertically and horizontally and also some stitch in the ditch lines

Once done trim away any access backing fabric

This is the front of the cushion and should measure 20x20”


Your quilting front panel should look like this.


Overlock or zig zag around all 4 edges of the front and back fabrics (this will keep the fabric at 20x20”

Decide on which is the bottom of your front and back fabric

Turn a 1/2” hem all along this overlocked/zig zagged edge


Put the right sides together and sew 2.0” along the creased fold line on either end of the bottom as shown here

The front and back should now be attached together with an opening of 16” in the middle


Open out the fabric with wrong side facing up and the center fold opened flat

Mark from the outside of each end 1-1/4”

this is the placement line for the zip

Position the zip face down

Zip should be at least 17.5” long, (if bigger cut excess away once sewn in place)

Make sure the zipper pull is open about 2” before the end of the placement mark to keep it out of the way

Sew the zip in place around all 4 sides

Trim away any excess if required

Once sewn in place it should look like the bottom photo


Make sure the zip is open at least half way

Fold right sides together

Pin or clip the three remaining sides and sew closed.

Turn right side out

Insert 20x20” cushion pad



Enjoy your finished Make!


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