Materials used:


2 Red fabric straps – 4 x 34-1/2

2 Red fabric lining – 14-1/2 x 20-1/2

2 Patterned Fabric Pockets – 14-1/2 x 16-1/2

2 X Batting/Wadding – 10-1/4 x 13-1/4

*All sizes in inches


Step by Steps:


- Fold the fabric for the straps in half along the long side and press, open up and fold each outer edge into the middle towards the pressed fold line you just made and press again, then fold in half and press you should have a piece of fabric 1 inch (w) x 34-1/2” (L) repeat for the other strap.

- Fold the patterned fabric in half and press so it measures 14-1/2 (w) x 8-1/4 (H) repeat for the 2nd piece.

- Lay out your front & back fabrics as follows

- Place batting on a table or flat surface 10-1/4 (H) x 13-1/4 (w)

*I always make batting 1 inch smaller in width, so as not to have too much bulk at the seams. So position it centrally when making the fabric sandwich further down, it will be held in place but the handles.

- Place Lining fabric on top right side up and line up the bottom edges, centre this over the battering as the batting is 1 inch smaller in width

- Place the patterned fabric on top with fold uppermost and raw edges lining up with the bottom of the lining and batting.


- You will now sew the straps to the front of your bag fabric sandwich starting at the bottom of one of the straps, sew up 10-1/4 inches, stop leave your needle in the down position turn, sew across, turn and sew back down the strap, you should sew as near to the original stitched line on the straps as possible. Repeat for the other side of the handle then repeat for the back section of the bag.

- Lay your fabric out right sides together fold the handles down towards the bottom of the bag so as not to sew over them and sew around all 4 sides leaving a turning hole of about 4 inches in the top as show here


- The next two photos are from a different project, just to show close ups of how the box corners should look

- Open up the fabric and bring the bottom seem to meet the side seem and sew across.

- Repeat on all 4 corners.


- Clip or pin and sew all around the top of the bag with 1/8th inch seem to hold the layers of the bag and the handles all secure.


Your Making is complete, now it's about the giving. Enjoy and don't forget to send us Your Makes!

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