May is for Making, but when it comes to my Mother-in-law Lynda ( "Lynnie" to me) everyday is a Making day. For the last 11 years i've been privy to Lyn's creativity, from helping me hem up the childrens clothes, making my daughter outfits for her dolls or marvelling at her home decor skills. I thought it was only right to celebrate her as our Maker of the the Month this May. I am still pleasantly surprised at her creative ideas and her determination to try something new. (I am also still very much in love with the Rhubarb and Orange tart she makes...yum!)

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Can you remember the age you were when you first made something and thought “that’s it I’m hooked now” and what was it you made?

I was around seven years old, my mum taught me to knit squares, I made them as blankets for my dolls or I would sew the sides together and make dresses or skirts for my Sindy doll.

What is the favourite thing you have made and why?

I have many favourite things I have made, but my most favourite is actually one of my most recent; it is a mosaic sailing boat made from broken tiles and plates. My daughter who is a trained florist taught me how to make an artificial Christmas wreath and I really love how that turned out too.

What is the hardest thing you have made and why?

The hardest project for me has been upholstery I just had a go! I inherited two teak office chairs in orange fabric, I knew I wanted to change them and just did it! And now I love the finished result.

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Why is it you like making so much?

I like the challenge. Seeing the end product keeps my brain active and I get so much enjoyment from what I have achieved.

You’ve recently started teaching your eldest granddaughter to sew, have you taught anyone else?

Yes, I taught my daughter to knit when she was around 7. I have just retired from being a carer for adults with learning difficulties and the elderly. I used crafts most days to show them and keep them all active and making things. Birthday cards, Christmas cards and decorations and lots of sewing! I taught a young lady with difficulties to knit, we had some very different creations lets say! But she kept going and I took so much joy from that. Her mum thanked me for teaching her, and she still knits now and it helps her with home life.

Is there a type of make you’d really like to have a go at?

Water colour painting or pottery. I would like to learn what all my extra feet are for on my overlocker and sewing machine too!

At Makers Superstore, we are all about owning our mistakes. Have you had any good “oops” moments that you can share and how did you manage to style it out?

Yes on the upholstery as I was teaching myself to do it! Sometimes it looked strange, lots of extra tucks and folds but I’m not sure anyone else apart from me has or will notice (hopefully)

Lots of us find making things help us escape from our busy lives, do you find the same for you?

Yes I do find crafting relaxing. Making things helped me so much when lockdown came along, I would have gone crazy without having a project on the go.

Have you ever had someone make you something that you’ve kept as you hold dear?

Yes! My son made me a paper-mache Father Christmas when he was six and we still have it (My son will be 37 this year) and we hang it up every year, my daughter also made me an ornament when she was 6 (she is 40 this year) and I love them both and will always have them on show around the house.



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Finish this question, I love Making because…

Of the joy it gives me! I can get lost in the crafting world for hours!

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