Luckily for me I get to work with an amazing bunch of creatives. That might be creativity in business acumen, creativity in how they look at a situation and their outlook on life and creativity in what they create, curate and make from a number of different mediums and for a number of different reasons. When I spoke to Tracy Fox I met someone that encumbered all of these things.

Tracy has an electric energy, born from a need to be busy, to be “a bit OCD”  as she puts it and overall a need to be expressive and creative.

Her work is innovative, without conformity and certainly isn't uniform. This goes against the grain of her well ordered outlook on life and the need to be in control. Which of course is the reason why it is her escape from life, her joy, her therapy.

Tracy is a dyer, a printmaker and an artist. On her website you can see colour and patterns everywhere! On scarfs, wall art, dyed cloth, you name it, it's there! Starting life working in the NHS as a physiotherapist and quite senior in her field too, 2013 came and ended life as she knew it. An accident that left her physically and mentally strained meant she was forced to not return to work. At this point, Tracy talks of her acknowledgment of how stubborn she is, so the forcing of her hand in this respect was no mean feat. With this in mind, she was forced to look at what she actually wanted to do, how would she make it? What would she make? And with that her new career was born.

Tracy books
Tracy Stall
tracy drying

With dying and printing the process is always similar, but the result is always guaranteed to be different, something that goes against the grain of Tracy’s well ordered outlook but this is the essence of what it means to her. When i ask her about her best work it's the unexpected project or the one that didn't go to plan that actually became something more beautiful than imagined.

With all her naturally born finesse with colour and design, I ask her whether she has ever taught. Though she would love to share her learning and knowledge. Teaching it would take it into a job, and this is an escape for Tracy and something that needs to be kept that way.

We always ask our Maker of the month about their biggest ‘oops’ moment but it sounds like any of these that happen turn into something unexpected that Tracy only appreciates more.


Tracy Rust scarf
tracy rust layout
Tracy Garden

It has been a pleasure to speak to Tracy, and to look at her work. If you would like to see more then please check out her website and social platforms here:


facebook: @tracyfox2014

instagram: @tracyfoxartist

twitter: @tracyfoxartist

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