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You may have watched some of my videos on Youtube, or followed my own blog as 'Applelover53' but if you are new to me, I've been an avid ScanNCut user for many years and love spreading the joy of what it can create. I've recently had the pleasure of using the ScanNCut SDX2200D and the lovely people at Makers have asked if I can share my findings and top tips with you in a blog. So, here we go, learn with me and let's get making! 

Ashley Morrison

MARCH 2020 - Guest Blogger Nikki tests out the CALLIGRAPHY KIT

Family Tree

Calligraphy Kit


The ScanNCut is So much more than a craft machine - it truly is an essential tool in my house and is used by all the members of my family.


I'm a busy Mum of twin girls - I'm an avid crafter and of course I use my ScanNCut in all my crafting, I make lots of cards and gifts - but I also use it to cut name labels out self adhesive vinyl for school lunch boxes and water bottles - and I also use HTV to put names on school uniform - it sticks so much better than those iron on labels from the school uniform shop!


I also love to use the ScanNCut in conjunction with my other numerous hobbies - I am a very keen genealogist and I have just completed a family tree album as a special gift for a relative - I used the calligraphy kit and additional calligraphy font activation card to make this project - the calligraphy kit is exclusive in the UK to Makers Superstore - it's very easy to use and I know it costs an absolute fortune to family tree charts hand lettered - so I was delighted that I could do it myself and design this extra special gift.  I used on of the inbuilt envelopes on the machine as a pocket to store copies of family documents and letters.


My daughters love to use the ScanNCut wherever possible to help them make their homework projects look amazing - they have done everything from create lettering and cut out images for posters, designed and cut stencils for artwork, cut templates for flow charts for use in their computer class.  They have both used it to make 3D models for their homework - and the globe you see here won first prize in a school competition and my daughter was very happy to win £20 of book vouchers and lots of housepoints as a result!

They also love it to create custom t shirts and add a touch of bling to their clothes with the fantastic rhinestone kit - they are always thinking of new ways to use the machine!


My husband has also realised how useful the machine is - he has used it to ­­­create card for a friend who owns a computer shop, and created this YouTube award as a Valentines Day gift for me to celebrate my Independent ScanNCutter YouTube channel having 1000 subscribers!  He was able to easily cut the all pieces for the logo and layered them up to create dimension on the award. 


If you're thinking of buying a ScanNCut - then I would definitely recommend jumping right in and buying the SDX2200D from Makers Superstore - as you can see there is SO much you can create with this amazing machine and it truly has something to offer every member of the family!



ten cards
finished samples
snow white


Snow White and Belle Activation Card


Morning all I thought I would let you know that Makers Superstore has a Buy 1 get 1 Free on their Disney activation cards at the moment, these cards can be used with any ScanNCut machine (CM or DX/SDX) models and are completely unique to those already on the SDX2200D. This is what I made with my Snow White and Belle Card. I’ve used mine for a little girls party.



I created the invitation card using the apple and bird design and used the ScanNCut to write the "You're Invited" in black pen. I used the bookmark which is on the activation card and I cut strips of card to form hinges, I cut the bookmark 4 times added the paper hinges and created this 3D centre piece. I also made a banner using the dwarf, apple, bird and some circles and decorated straws with a little bluebird to pull it all together.



Ive cut all mine in card, but these design could be cut in vinyl and used on t-shirts or home decor items. This is what I love about owning a ScanNCut machine, we can take some simple designs and turn them into anything and create unique and personalised projects. I think they turned out super cute, let me know what you think and if you have used the activation cards. Don't forget these cards can be used on any model ScanNCut machine.



If you don't own any of them yet go and grab yours while they are on offer at makers superstore! and have fun creating your own projects.

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Comparing the CM900 and the SDX2200D


My Making with ScanNCut started when I purchased a CM600 because of the built in scanner, to have the ability to be able to load a mat with various pieces of card, then scan it through the machine to help me perfectly place my designs was genius.

I upgraded to the CM900 because of the WIFI function, my ScanNCut machine is in a different room to my computer and as I design a lot of cutting files using the Brother Canvas Workspace programme the WIFI facility enabled me to transfer cutting files easily and it was a time saver and we all need more of that right?


Why I Own and Use the SDX2200D


•  This machine is whisper quiet

•  It has the ability to be able to make inward and outward matting layers directly on the machine, something that we have only been able to do in Canvas so far.

• It has 132 built in Disney cutting files (plus 20 extra free for the roller feeder)

• It has auto blade technology which in my option is a game changer, to be able to load a mat and just press start, without having to think about what cut pressure or blade depth I need is amazing.


Watch my Video Tutorial


In todays video I am going to give you my side by side comparison of the CM900 and the SDX2200D.

I give you an overview of the size, weight, patterns and functions and show you how to cut one of the pre installed Disney paper piecing files.

If you want to follow along and cut the Minnie Mouse pattern you will need the below:



I hope you enjoy watching the video and making this cute Minnie Mouse cutting file with me!

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  • Brother ScanNCut Disney SDX2200 Machine - Unpacking the Box.
    Brother ScanNCut Disney SDX2200 Machine - Unpacking the Box. 1:56
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