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Easier on the hands and harder to drop stitches!

Knitting looms have been around for centuries and are a great tool for knitting everything from socks right through to shawls and blankets.

There's a loom for every project and KB Looms are a leader in premium quality knitting looms, sock looms and knitting accessories.



The modern weaving movement is having it's moment with beautifully weaved wall hangings and home decor appearing everywhere from social media feeds to movies and TV sets.

Get in on the trend, learn this classic craft and make with the KB Loom perfect for weaving.



A new concept in knitting; Zippy Looms allow you to knit with giant pegs to produce very quick projects.

Knit a scarf in just 15 minutes!

Mix and match Zippy Looms, Corners and Connectors to create your own size and shape loom with the innovative interlocking pieces.

Ideal for super bulky yarn, ruffle yarn and boucle yarn or double strands.

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  • All-n-One Loom
    All-n-One Loom 1:49
  • 28
    28" Loom 1:54
  • Sock Loom Original
    Sock Loom Original 49:
  • KB's Afghan Loom
    KB's Afghan Loom 1:27
  • Zippy Loom by KB
    Zippy Loom by KB 35:
  • Weaving on a Knitting Loom
    Weaving on a Knitting Loom 2:38

Which Loom Should I Choose?

When deciding what loom to buy, you have to ask yourself a few questions.


  • What do I want to make, primarily?
  • Do I want to create single knit, double knit or both?
  • Do I want very tight stitches, a fine or small gauge or use a very bulky yarn, larger gauge or both?


With the answers to these questions, you can use the chart to the right to help with your selection.


Note: The chart lists ideal looms depending on what you want to make. Certain looms can do everything, but might not be IDEAL for small items so they were not listed.

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Which Loom
Makers Superstore will guide you through Making with curated How To Video's!



Single Knitting is the process of working adjacent pegs to create a single layer in either flat panels or circular projects. Many different stitch patterns and shapings can be achieved. Learn how with our selection of How To Video's!



Double Knitting on a loom creates a 2-sided fabric in which 2 rows of pegs are used with the weaving working across both rows. This creates finished knit on both sides which is perfect for multi colour designs. Learn the stitches and techniques with our curated collection of demonstrations.



Socks are knit in circular single knit in various designs and yarn weights. They can be knit from cuff to toe, or from toe up. Learn to make every aspect of a sock with our How To Video's.


Zippy Looms


Zippy Looms are perfect for quick chunky knits and have their very own set of How To Video's. Learn to make a scarf in just 15 minutes!



Looms aren't just for knitting! You can use your 28 Inch + Extenders Loom to Weave beautiful wall hangings, placemats and home decor pieces. Perfect this classic craft with our How To Video's.



Not only do we offer curated How To Video's from KB Looms, but we also have an endless supply of FREE patterns. We've chosen our favourites to get you started!

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Which Yarn Should I Use?

Choosing which Yarn to use can be confusing to say the least! Because we're #allabouthemakers we've tried to simplify and amalgamate all the different ways Yarn can be measured and put it into one handy chart below to show which yarn to use on which Loom.


  • *Weight Number: Sometimes you'll see that Yarn is measured with a single number between 0-7. These are the numbers in first column.
  • *Weight Name: Depending on where you buy your Yarn from, different countries have different names for the same thing. We've put all the names we know of in each category on the chart for you!
  • *Types of Yarns: Within each weight there are different types of yarns. Some are softer, produced differently or made from different materials.
  • *Purpose: Know what you want to make? Have a look at what each weight and yarns ideal purpose is! If you're not sure and just getting started, you can't go wrong with DK and Worsted yarns as these are easily the most universal.
  • *Knit Gauge in Stockinette Stitch in 4 Inches: Some yarns will describe their weight in stitches in a 4 inch area. This is the comparable measurement.
  • *Loom Gauge: This can be determined by several factors, but most Looms are tested by manufacturers to determine which category they fall under.
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