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Brother ScanNCut SDX2200D


From Ashley:


Comparing the CM900 and the SDX2200D


I started making crafts with ScanNCut when I purchased a CM600 because of the built in scanner, to have the ability to be able to load a mat with various pieces of card, then scan it through the machine to help me perfectly place my designs was genius.

I upgraded to the CM900 because of the WIFI function, my ScanNCut machine is in a different room to my computer and as I design a lot of cutting files using the Brother Canvas Workspace programme the WIFI facility enabled me to transfer cutting files easily and it was a time saver.


Why I Own and Use the SDX2200D

• This machine is whisper quiet

• It has the ability to be able to make inward and outward matting layers directly on the machine, something that we have only been able to do in Canvas so far.

• It has 132 built in Disney cutting files (plus 20 extra free for the roller feeder)

• It has auto blade technology which in my option is a game changer, to be able to load a mat and just press start, without having to think about what cut pressure or blade depth I need is amazing.


Watch my Video Tutorial

In today’s video I am going to give you my side by side comparison of the CM900 and the SDX2200D.

I give you an overview of the size, weight, patterns and functions and show you how to cut one of the pre installed Disney paper piecing files.

If you want to follow along and cut the Minnie Mouse pattern you will need the below:

1 x Black Card 8X6

1 x Red Card 5X5

1 x White Card 6X6

1 x Pale Pink Card 5X5

Glue and adhesives

*All measurements in inches

I hope you enjoy watching the video and making this cute Minnie Mouse cutting file with me! Blog with Applelover53

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