How To Make IKONART Stencils

Want to make custom stencils for your craft projects? Ikonart custom stencil kits allow you to do just that! Find out what IKONART is and how to use it to make your stencils here!


What is the IKONART custom stencil kit?

If you’re a complete newcomer to Ikonart, you’ll need to get yourself one of the custom stencil starter kits. 

Your kit comes with everything you need to start creating custom stencils, including:

- Exposure Stand

- UV LED Light

- IKONART Stencil Film (10″ x 12″ 5-Sheet Pack, Made in the USA)

- Inkjet Film (8.5″ x 11″ 5-Sheet Pack, Made in the USA)

- Laser Film (8.5″ x 11″ 5-Sheet Pack, Made in the USA)

- Clipboard

- Squeegee

- Exposure Stand Setup Guide

- User Guide


Makers Superstore is the exclusive UK stockist of IKONART products. If you want to buy IKONART supplies, visit our IKONART shopping page.

How to use IKONART

There’s a lot of helpful videos on the IKONART YouTube channel that you can follow when using your machine, such as this one all about making the stencils. 

But if you’d prefer to follow a step-by-step process on how to make your own stencils using IKONART, read on for our easy-to-follow guide!






ikonart kit

How to make IKONART stencils

Making your own custom stencils using IKONART is easier than you might think. Simply print, expose, rinse and create!



First of all, you will need to print your desired design onto printer film. 

To do this, place the inkjet film through your printer, with your design mirrored onto the matte side of the film. 

Tip: Print with black ink only for a crisper design



Now it’s time to expose, For this, you will be using the photosensitive IKONART stencil film, so it’s important to keep the room you’re working in as dark as possible, and have everything else you need ready before opening the film.

Firstly, add the black cardboard that comes with your IKONART kit to the base of the stencil maker. Then, take the IKONART stencil film and lay it shiny side down onto the cardboard.

Next, lay your stencil design you printed earlier on top of the IKONART film, with the printed side facing down. Then place the plastic cover that comes with the film over the top.

Switch on the IKONART kit light and expose according to your kit's instructions. Once the exposure time is up, remove everything from your machine. 


Your stencil may not look like much now, but rinsing it reveals the magic! Add your exposed film to the clipboard provided in the kit and rinse it over the sink with warm water. 

Pat the stencil to remove excess water and allow to dry out completely before use.

Tip: We recommend using a sponge to tap over the design in this step.



And that’s all there is to it. Now, your stencil is ready to use! Create everything from t-shirts to tote bags using your stencil. To clean it between uses, simply rinse with warm water and wipe gently with a sponge to remove stubborn pain.

Get making!

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