Which ScanNCut machine is best for me?

If you are brand new to the world of ScanNCut it can be a daunting world to enter, and we have seen too many people on social media admit to being confused. So, to ensure we are always #AllAboutTheMakers we have created this guide to help you find your ideal Brother ScanNCut digital cutting machine BFF!

What is a ScanNCut?

You're here, so at the very least you are intrigued as to what this ScanNCut machine can do! There have been different models over the years but the groundbreaking abilities they give you have always been impressive. 

The ScanNCut is a digital cutting machine with a built in scanner - the only type of it's kind out there! Other digital cutting machines can cut multiple fabrics and materials but to have the scan function really opens doors. 

The earlier models were prefixed with 'CM' here in the UK, we have had the CM300, CM600, CM700, CM900 - all of these had slight improvements on the last and had more patterns and designs included.

The SDX range then launched and brought into play the autoblade technology - this meant that the cutting blade automatically worked out what the material being cut was and set its own depth and pressure to get the best results when cutting. 

What Can I Make?

ScanNCut machines allow you to cut through a huge variety of materials (the SDX ranges up to 3mm in depth) so think paper and card, sure, but also cotton, leather, vinyl, stencil sheets, heat transfer vinyl...Makers are coming up with new things all the time!

The machines have a built in blade and will cut around something you have scanned, it will enable you to save what you have scanned and alter it, then cut out AND allow you to send designs you have made on your PC directly to it.

Take a look on pinterest, just type in ScanNCut to see the wonders crafters and business are creating. 

Here are just a few examples;

ginger bread
Gift Bags


Brand New or Upgrading?

We have created the below chart to help you compare the most recent releases in ScanNCut machines. We have the exclusive rights to offer Makers the SDX135PRO and the SDX2200D and have a fully stocked selection of SDX and CM upgrades and accessories, so we are your one stop shop for all your ScanNCut needs. 

Comparison Chart