When scrolling through instagram and swooning over all of your fabulous  Makes, we landed on Cherry Blossom designs; an elegant, small business which though is in its infancy, is doing hugely well. We were lucky enough to learn more about the business and their exciting plans for 2022...


1) Can you tell us about yourself?

Hi, I'm a 33 year old Mum of two, biscuit and wine obsessed, craft lover. I have a little boy (5) and his younger Sister (2) and, together with their Dad/my Husband, we live in rural Lincolnshire.


2) Why did you decide to create this business?

Cherry Blossom Designs came about after a few years of making fresh Christmas wreaths. I started making for others in 2019, but only for a select few friends and family. Then in Christmas 2020, through both word of mouth and minimal local advertising, I had a huge surge in demand. After this I realised the popularity for both fresh and artificial wreaths, for all seasons, was increasing and decided to make something of it and my enjoyment in making them. We officially launched Cherry Blossom Designs in April 2021 and I've been overwhelmed by the response so far.


3) Why the name?

So the name Cherry Blossom Designs was actually inspired by the white cherry tree we have in our garden. We inherited it when we moved to the property (which was brand new) but we think the cherry tree is about 40 years old - so special, and very beautiful when in Blossom too!


4) You've seen great success very early on in your business, did you ever envisage such a great response?

No not at all! I've been truly humbled by the response. I have a job, so this was something I started purely for the enjoyment, however I never imagined it would become so popular so quickly. It can definitely be a juggling act at times with Cherry Blossom Designs, my job and family/home life, but it is so rewarding in many ways too.


5) Whats next for Cherry Blossom Designs?

I have so many ideas for new products and ways to expand the business. These will come in 2022. For the immediate future we've got a family holiday, and then heading into what will be Cherry Blossom Designs' busiest period - winter and Christmas! I love the build up to the festive period! This year, for the first time, I will be offering both artificial and fresh wreaths and hanging ornaments. I've also seen a huge interest in wreath workshops so I will be running these too for the first time this year. Watch this space for dates if you're Lincolnshire based!


6) Have you always been a Maker and why do you enjoy it?

Yes, ever since I can remember I've been into making. As a kid I did lots of crafting with my Mum and my Grandma who was a potter. I studied art and textiles throughout school and college, and went on to take a Fashion degree. I love making things for my family and others to enjoy and take great pride in seeing my work in people's homes.


7) Do you do any other making?

When I was younger I used to do a lot of clothes alterations for myself - nothing was safe from the sewing machine! Now I tend to leave fashion design to the professionals. Although I have recently completed a pair of hand embroidered Converse trainers for a good friend to wear on her wedding day.


8) At Makers, we celebrate our ups and downs and always share our 'oops' moments. Can you tell us about any making fails you've had in the past?

I love this idea! I think we as makers have to try a lot of different ideas - some not always successful - before you find what you are truly inspired by. My worst 'oops' moment was probably cutting an entire garment pattern out with the fabric back to front. However I have had my fair share of 'oops' moments over the years, but I think they are a necessary part of being a true maker. Not everything you make is going to be perfect, or well received or how you intended it to be. But it is still an expression of who you are as a maker, and we learn and evolve from these big or small 'oops' moments.



9) Is there a type of crafting you'd love to try?    

I would love to try weaving, wire art and punch needle art. I'm in awe of anyone who is a maker in these specialities! All of these crafts I think have possibilities to be incorporated into Cherry Blossom Designs products too!


For bespoke silk flower and foliage wreaths, nationwide delivery follow: @_cherry.blossom.designs_

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